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Laparoscopic Surgery

The term "laparoscopy" refers to a kind of surgery that uses a thin instrument called a laparoscope, which contains a tiny light and video camera on its end. A surgeon can view internal organs and processes on a video monitor after making a tiny incision in your body to implant it. They would have to construct a considerably bigger opening if they didn't have those equipment. There is less cutting and your surgeon doesn't have to penetrate your body because of specialized tools. The abdominal and pelvic regions are treated via laparoscopic surgery. Because the physician makes two to four tiny incisions in your abdomen or pelvis, usually no more than a half-inch, it is commonly referred to as "keyhole surgery." Next, they will implant a lit video camera and specific tools into your body using flexible tubes.Before the invention of the laparoscopic technique, a surgeon performing surgery on your abdomen or pelvis had to perform an open procedure known as a laparotomy, which involved making a 6- to 12-inch-long incision through the abdominal wall. The surgeon had ample space to view what they were doing and access any internal organs that needed to be worked on thanks to this bigger incision.

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